Arboricultural Mortgage Reports

Tree Mortgage Reports for Homeowners

If you are purchasing a property and have been requested to provide a tree report for your insurer or mortgage provider, we can help. Aire Valley Tree Consultancy have been providing mortgage tree reports for many years and we understand the need for a prompt service so the sale/purchase can proceed without undue delay. Homeowners together with Mortgage and Insurance Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the association of trees with structural damage to properties and the expensive repairs that can arise as a result, therefore increasingly mortgage lenders are requesting an arboricultural assessment of the trees on site as a prerequisite of the mortgage.

Diseased, unsafe and unhealthy trees pose a danger to your property and can have an adverse affect on the value, whereas healthy and well sited trees can add to the value of a property.

Our service normally begins with a tree survey at the property. From there we can provide a report in a matter of days including a clear digital plan, mapping the vegetation on site. Our tree report will provide details of the relevant trees, their condition and structural stability and potential risks in terms of direct damage to built structures and surfaces, providing clear future management prescriptions and recommendations avoiding unnecessary and expensive tree works. We will also assess subsidence related risk and give appropriate recommendations.

Highly Experienced Tree Consultants

All of our tree consultants are qualified to foundation degree level or above and are current professional members of the Arboricultural Association.

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