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Quantified Tree Risk Assessment

Aire Valley Tree Consultancy provide a complete Tree Risk Assessment service in Leeds, West Yorkshire and across the UK. Tree safety management is a matter of limiting the risk of significant harm from tree failure whilst maintaining the benefits conferred by trees.

Professional & Qualified Tree Consultants

All our tree consultants are Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) Licensed users. QTRA firstly looks at the risk of harm rather than the condition of the tree. QTRA is a system which compares the risks associated with the retention of trees with a broadly acceptable level of risk.

The assessment is made up of the following three components.

Target – The target is anything of value that could be harmed in the
event of tree failure. This is assessed on the frequency of occupation
within the area. Therefore a densely populated highway will have a higher value than an area with a low frequency occupation such as woodland footpath.

Impact potential
– The potential for the tree (or part of a tree) that is being assessed to do harm. For example a small branch is unlikely to cause significant damage, where as complete tree failure could cause fatal injury or structural damage.

Probability of failure
– This is an assessment of the likelihood of a part of the tree or the whole tree failing.

Values derived from the assessment of these three components are used to calculate the probability of significant harm occurring.
Once the level of risk has been established it is necessary to decide whether this level of risk is acceptable or a more rigorous assessment/ remedial action is required.

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